Twisted Wood and Quartz Wand

This beautiful twisted wood wand is 7" long with magnificent silver entwined with the twisted wood. An amethyst cabochon is set into the top and bottom silver bands.

The wand has a polished quartz point at one end and a removable 18mm crystal ball at the other end. 
approx. 7" long

Twisted Wood and clear crystal with amethyst inset

Power, Healing
Wands are a popular healing tool. They are used to channel energy in reflexology and massage. The stone should be chosen for its particular benefits and energies. Crystal massage works at a deep level to assist in healing a variety of ailments. Massage wands can be used on acupressure and reflexology points. They are used to channel energy in chakra balancing and aura cleansing.

Magic or Message Wands have been used since ancient times to increase the power of spells. The pointed end of each wand directs the spell energy. The wand is a powerful addition to have on your altar. Wands can be wrapped in silver or copper wire with other gemstones to personalize it. 

The main difference between a healing wand and a massage wand, are that healing wands can be made up of many different stones, soldered together or with double terminated points.  A massage wand is smooth, usually with a single termination of smooth on both sides. 


$ 49.98

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