RAW 2.5" Classic Aluminum Shredder

RAW makes the best papers in the world and we now think they make the best grinders. The all new, 2 piece Super Shredder is the latest in grinding technology. The grinder's teeth are carefully positioned and designed to fluff while it shreds. The patent pending design actually moves the material over the next blade to create the fluffing action after it has been shredded.Whats left is material with the perfect consistency for rolling up. You'll notice your  herbs burn slower and better when using the Super Shredder.

RAW makes this heavy duty grinder right here in the good ol' USA from Aircraft Grade Aluminum. It measures approximately 2.5" in diameter and features the RAW logo engraved on the top. The 2 piece grinder comes together with a magnetic ring that won't open unexpectedly. Please note this grinder does not utilize a keif catcher.
This is the perfect gift for the Master Roller in your life!
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