Palo Santo Holy Wood

Palo Santo is a "Holy" Sacred wood found in South America. It can be used during sacred rituals and space clearing. This holy wood has a sweet scent with hints of citrus and mint. Its scent is light and woodsy, and is thought to help with meditation by uplifting the spirit. It is also used for cleansing and purifying a home or space and for many healing ceremonies as well. It also helps with grounding and helps to protect against negative energy. It is very useful at helping cleanse, re-balance, and allow fresh energy in.

You can also add small pieces of Palo Santo wood to your own incense blends, and grind them up for use in incense, spells and rituals, making this a very useful tool to keep on hand. It can be used for clearing crystals or spaces, to burn in meditation, or during a sacred event.
Hold the end of your Palo Santo Stick under a flame until it ignites. Let burn for approximately 10-30 seconds. Gently blow out the flame and let it smoke as you proceed with your ceremony, ritual, or space clearing. Use the smoke to cleanse areas you feel have stagnant or negative energy. 
After you are finished cleansing, place sticks in a fire safe bowl and extinguish. May be used multiple times.
Do not burn herbs if you are pregnant or around anyone who is sensitive to smoke.
Available Quantities
  • 1 Stick Approx 4 inches 
  • 6 Sticks Approx 4 inches each 
  • Bundle 9-12 Sticks Approx 4 inches each
  • 1 lb Bulk Bundle 60-70 Sticks Approx 4 inches 
  • Powder 1/2 oz Package 
  • Chips 1 oz Package 
  • Cones 16 Hand Rolled Incense Cones 
  • Incense Sticks 16 Hand Rolled Incense Sticks

$ 2.00

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