Cruelty Free Old School Shaving Kit

Our gorgeous old school shaving kit is the perfect gift for dad's, grad's or as groomsman/best man gifts. 
The kit comes in 3 different essential oil fragrances blends. The soap bar has an earthy blend of essential oils that smells amazing and fresh while being soothing and gentle on your face. The added French clay gives the perfect slip for your razor to glide smoothly over your skin.  
All cruelty free products.
Shaving soap comes in a complementary recycled glass dish.
Badger friendly shaving brush (synthetic) and a razor with replaceable head. Usually your Old Fashioned Shaving Brush is made with Badger Hair but since no real gentleman would want to bother a badger, we have taken the liberty of using synthetic bristles. No less effective at aerating ones skin and so much nicer don’t you think?


$ 23.95 $ 30.95

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