Complete 100% Pure Henna Tattoo Kit

Our Henna kit has everything you need to get started and its 100% all natural & pure.
2 Stencils
Henna Powder 50g
Henna Oil 4ml
Cotton Ball
Wooden Mixing Stick
Design Paper
Pure Henna leaves crushed powder 
Eucalyptus oil
Clove oil
Citronella oil
Pine oil
Terpene oil
Easy to use, just mix the ingredients and let sit for an hour or two and your ready to go! The longer the mix sits, the darker it gets.
Instructions and Cone applicator INCLUDED
Henna temporary tattoos start to disappear the more you wash them and rub them. In most cases they will last a week or two before being completely gone naturally. Great for ages 12 and up. Use this kit for parties, weddings, festivals or just for a different look. 



$ 19.95 $ 24.99

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