Balinese Silver Angel Abasdarhon Peace Bell Pendant

Stunning Artisan made 925 Silver Angel bell pendant. Each pendant comes with a different crystal to symbolize a specific Angel and their particular care duties.
Since man has held a belief in angels he has also tried to harness their help and power. Bells and incense and prayer are age old invocations used in many faiths and cultures.

These silver bells, made on the banks of the sacred mountain Ubud, in the heart the deeply spiritual island of Bali, are lovingly created and blessed with grace and love. The gentle sound of the little bell will accompany the wearer always bringing to mind the possible presence of angels. With good fortune, and an open heart it is hoped that the bell may also draw attention from heavenly beings.

Each silver angel bell has been given a name, only you, knowing this name can give the bell meaning and purpose. A gift of a silver angel bell, is truly a gift from the heart.
Abasdarhon - angel of the fifth hour of the night.
 The Crystal in this bell is Black Onyx

The cage style pendant features an ornate filigree design and can be opened by lifting the little latch in front. Neck cords also with silver detail and clasps. Bells are balanced brass or ceramic and resin.
The perfect gift for yourself or a friend looking for love, healing or blessings. 

$ 50.95

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